weatherfield /ˈweðəfiːld/ is a dreamo/folk artist from south london. his latest project 'NOTHING BAD EVER HAPPENS TO ME', an exploration of religion and superstition, is available here on bandcamp, and on streaming services.

he is currently working on the new decadence project days passing by which involves writing a song every week for 52 weeks (1 year). an accompanying diary/blog will be released on this page.

latest blog entry

week 27: promethazine
this is a song that's been in the vault forever that i just took another look at and rerecorded slightly. it was the first part of the breakdown of my reputation as a straight-edger (i still am one, but i've relapsed more times than i care to admit - at my heart, i'm an addict, and i always will be). the themes of addiction in my life have been really relevant recently, with my issues with eating, drinking, and drugs resurfacing as the unhealthiest of 'coping' mechanisms if they can even be called that. (i don't think coping mechanisms are supposed to make you feel worse.) it felt like a good time to revisit these old feelings, partially depressing because i feel like it'll always be an underlying part of me, no matter how hard i try to fight it off and keep it submerged. my friend deaddigital, inc. has been an unending talent and help in my musical process. i don't like working with others on music because a lot of it feels so deeply personal that i couldn't bear to have anyone else involved, but ray is such a gifted and considerate person that it feels very natural to share the deepest and most shameful parts of my psyche with them. and they always do a good job turning my navel-gazing verbal diarrhoea into something that could be considered 'music', and GOOD music at that! i feel truly blessed.
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